We decided to help promote the idea of maximising independence by creating a Twitter campaign which is a bit of fun but also promotes a serious healthcare issue – supporting people to live more independently in their own homes. We came up with the #i4independence name to make it more appealing and hopefully, going forward, with it these short patient stories will be easily identifiable.

We really appreciate our patients agreeing to help us in this way and thank them for taking part in the campaign.

Alan Nicholson

Alan of Dewsbury has Parkinson’s Disease and has been attending the Jubilee Rehab Centre based at the Eddercliffe Health Centre in Liversedge for four years. He reckons the independence he has is due to the support provided there.

His Mother suffered from the same disease for 26 years, so he recognised his symptoms even before he was diagnosed. He used to take her to the Jubilee Centre so when he was offered a place there four years ago he was pleased to accept.

Alan says the therapists there have ‘sorted out the pain between my shoulder blades and my stoop’. He follows an exercise programme at home ‘holding onto the kitchen worktop’ and has improved his dexterity through playing Jenga and working with modelling clay.

‘I just get on and do what I can. Knowing all the professionals are there for me at Eddercliffe makes me feel more secure; I don’t feel alone. They have helped me extend how long I’ve been able to walk and drive and I don’t think I would be working now if it hadn’t been for their support. I’m very grateful to the whole team,’