Join us! Locala is a colleague owned, membership organisation and we have an ambition to be an organisation where members are the driving force for positive change, and play an active role in shaping community healthcare services.

We can't do this without you!

As a provider of community healthcare services, having active and involved colleague and community members is vital. Our community members help us understand the needs of our local communities and help us to ensure those needs are met. Our colleague members play an equally vital role and it is important to us that colleague members have a say in what happens at Locala. 

Becoming a member of Locala is completely free and makes a big difference to us an organisation – Our community and colleague members help us to make key decisions about the services we provide and how we support our communities.

All permanent Locala colleagues are automatically enrolled as colleague members and have a £1 share in the organisation.

We want our members to have a say in how we shape and deliver our community healthcare service and be involved in the future development of Locala and influence how it grows.

Why become a community member?

  • Receive information about Locala, what we are doing and why we are doing it
  • Be actively involved in local healthcare and ensure that community voice is present in all we do. You will received invitation to partake in focus groups, engagement activity and the Reader’s Panel. 
  • Attend events to find out more about specific projects or services
  • Ask questions and challenge us at the Locala Members’ Council meetings through the community member representatives.
  • Vote for projects you think we should support through the Locala Community Fund
  • Vote for Community Member Representatives to represent you on the Locala Members’ Council, or nominate yourself and be part of it!

To join Locala as a community member, please click here.

Contact us about getting involved:

If you have a compliment, concern or idea that you would like to share with any of our Council Members, please contact our Membership team, who can put you in touch with the appropriate Council Member. You can contact them by email: [email protected], or phone: 03033309781.