Tell Us About Your Care

Locala’s Engagement Team work closely with services to get a wealth of feedback from service users, patients, carers and families. We want to listen to, understand, and act on feedback.

We actively encourage patients, carers and families to tell us what they think about their experiences of Locala’s services. Knowing and understanding what we are doing well and not so well, helps us to improve in the future. For example, previous feedback has helped us improve patient toilet facilities and letters sent to new patients.

We capture feedback in many ways. You could be asked to complete a survey, join a focus group or tell us about your experience through a patient story. You might even meet one of our Engagement Team in a clinic or health centre! We are often out and about listening and learning from our local communities. We value people’s comments and opinions so we can make sure local people have a say in how our services are run. 

All our surveys are anonymous, so responses are private. We use both online surveys and paper questionnaires. Please click here to read our privacy notice.

Most of our surveys ask participants for details such as their gender, age and ethnic group. This isn’t us just being nosey! We use this ‘Equality and Diversity’ data for monitoring purposes only. In other words, we want to know that we are listening to a diverse group of people. We want our ‘patient voice’ to be as diverse as the population we serve. If we find that feedback hasn’t come from a diverse group of people, will make efforts to address the balance. For example, if we haven’t had enough feedback from younger patients, we will focus on the under 25s and seek out their opinions.

You can also share your views online in the following ways:

Complete our Your Views on our Service survey

Share your story on Care Opinion

Complete the 'Get in Touch' form to contact a member of our Customer Liaison Team