TB Nursing Service

The Locala Community TB Nursing Service provide care and support to people with tuberculosis (TB), their families and other people they have been in contact with. We also work very closely with other health services locally, such as; Kirklees Public Health and the local hospitals. 

We aim to limit the spread of tuberculosis within the community and reduce the transmission of infection by early diagnosis and effective treatment.  

We also work to increase public awareness of TB, which it is preventable and treatable, and so people know the symptoms to look out for. 

Our Nurses also work had to break the stigma around TB, helping to reduce the shame and embarrassment that people sometimes feel, and so people know where and how to get support when it is needed. 

The TB service is run by specialist nurses who provide support to people across Kirklees who have tuberculosis (TB). TB is sometimes described as ‘latent’ and ‘active’. 
We are based at two community locations in Kirklees, but run clinics out of a number of bases. In South Kirklees, we are based at Princess Royal Health Centre and in North Kirklees, we are based at Dewsbury Health Centre. 
We support people in their own homes and at community locations, including health centers, whilst also providing support to people through hospital clinics. We also work closely with other health services to ensure people are supported throughout their healthcare journey. 

We offer:
• support, advice and home visits to those suffering from tuberculosis
• screening, support and advice to families, carers and close contacts of people with active and latent tuberculosis, identified by our screening process
• screening of individuals, including new entrants, at an increased risk of developing tuberculosis
• The BCG vaccine of selected young people and children under 16 years of age, according to national and local policy
• Advice and education about tuberculosis to other professionals, other agencies and the public
• Reactive outbreak screening in partnership with Public Health England and the NHS
• Communication and referrals to other health professionals where needed
• Visits to patients in local hospitals, who are diagnosed with TB, to ensure a seamless discharge home. For Kirklees residents, who are hospitalised out of Kirklees, Locala’s TB service work closely with the health professionals who are looking after them

Whilst providing support to people who have been diagnosed with latent or active TB, we also raise awareness amongst the general public about the symptoms of TB and how to access help and support. 

We work very hard to break the stigma of TB, and we understand that people can often feel embarrassed and extremely worried when they are told they have TB. However, TB is completely preventable and treatable. Screening and treatment provided by us is complete free. We will work with people to help them understand their diagnosis and will continue to provide support whilst treatment is ongoing. 

What Our Patients Say

The majority of patients seen by the TB Service speak English as an additional language and so they have kept their patient feedback survey really simple and as user friendly as possible by using emoji’s!  

Patients left some of the comments below: 
“I really liked this service. The nurses were very welcoming.” 

“Very friendly, caring and supportive.”

“Friendly members’ of staff, everything explained so well.”

Meet the Team

The TB Team is made up of Specialist Nurses and Clinical Support Administrators. They are based at two sites in Kirklees, Princess Royal Health Centre in South Kirklees and Dewsbury Health Centre in North Kirklees. 


The community nursing TB service is open Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, except weekends and bank holidays

You can call the TB service on: 030 3330 9869 

If you are experiencing active symptoms of TB such as: 

• Persistent cough for more than 3 weeks 
• Complaints of drenching night sweats 
• Unexplained weight loss 
• Unexplained tiredness
• And if you noticed any lumps or bumps on your neck or under your arms 

Please see your GP and a referral will be made to the hospital team.

Parking at Princess Royal Health Centre

There is a parking charge at Princess Royal Health Centre: £1 for 1 hour, £2 for 2 hours, £3 for 3 hours. Pay and display machines are located within the car park. Disabled parking spaces are located at the rear of the building.


Clinics are held weekly in both North and South Kirklees.

030 3330 9869

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