Continence, Colorectal & Stoma Service

Our Continence, Colorectal & Stoma Service is made up of a team of specialist nurses and health care assistants with expert skills in both the assessment and the treatment of bladder, bowel, colorectal, stoma and pelvic floor problems.

Thousands of people of all ages can experience issues with their bladder and bowels and can find their symptoms embarrassing and difficult to talk about. However, most continence problems can be improved or even cured through the treatments and management options we offer.

You can self-refer to our bladder, bowel, pelvic floor and stoma service by using our online referral forms or by calling our Single point of contact on 0300 304 5555. Please note our Stoma service is only for patients registered to GPs in Greater Huddersfield.

Our Continence Team are:

Focused on providing proactive continence care to all our patients including those who are housebound. Our aim is always to provide the right advice and support so that an individual develops the skills and knowledge to improve or even cure their continence problem. We provide advice and support on the management of a bladder, bowel or pelvic floor dysfunction. All of our treatment programmes are aimed at maximising independence, promoting dignity and improving a patient’s presenting condition.

Most people who work with us will experience a significant improvement in symptoms within six months. The people who achieve the best results are those who take on board the specific advice provided after their assessment.

Here are just a few examples of people we can help;

  • New mums who have had issues with continence since pregnancy and delivery
  • Women reaching menopause who find leaks become more noticeable
  • People who find bladder and bowel problems are affecting their lifestyle
  • Housebound individuals and their families or carers struggling to cope with continence issues

The Continence Service also hold group information presentations at Fartown and Dewsbury Health Centres. Individual home visits and clinic appointments at Fartown and Eddercliffe Health Centres, are offered Monday to Friday.

Our Colorectal & Stoma Team are:

Able to provide Specialist Stoma Nurse support and assessment to stoma patients in the Greater Huddersfield area.  The service delivers face to face or telephone appointments to patients who are housebound or living in nursing/residential care.  Clinics are provided by the hospital for those patients who can attend.

Our aim is to provide expert care and support to all patients during a period of time when they require it in order to adapt to their new stoma or eliminate problems.  All of our interventions are aimed at maximising independence, promoting dignity and improving the patient’s presenting condition.

If you require daily support with your stoma then this will be provided by our District Nursing Service.

What Our Patients Say

Patients are regularly asked about their experience. Locala respects the privacy of our patients and their carers and is committed to listening to a diverse population. Therefore our surveys are anonymous and include equality and diversity questions for monitoring purposes only.

“Nurse came to do a continence assessment for my 92 year old mum. A very useful and impressive service. Professional, skilled, kind and with real practical help and advice.”

Take a look at Denise’s story here, someone who felt supported by the team when she struggling, embarrassed and anxious.

Take a look at John’s story here about his experience of adapting to life with a Stoma with the support of our Stoma Nurse, Cheryl. 

Take a look at Beverley's story here, she thought she was doing pelvic floor exercises correctly until she was taught better techniques.

Take a look at Shirley's story here, she didn’t want to go home after bowel surgery but then met ‘Stoma Nurse’ Cheryl.

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"My nurse Cheryl is a very helpful, understanding person, she listened to my concerns and was very proactive in solving them, she is totally approachable. I felt I could ring her and talk in detail she’s extremely easy to deal with."

Meet the Team

Continence Specialist Nurse – our team of Registered Continence Nurses are specialists in the field of bowel, bladder and pelvic floor dysfunction. They are able to provide our patients with a holistic clinical assessment, diagnosis of their condition and plan an individual rehabilitation programme. Our patients find that our nursing team provide them with the support and guidance needed to implement a series of important life style changes including pelvic floor exercises.

Colorectal & Stoma Specialist Nurse – Our Colorectal & Stoma Nurse is a specialist nurse providing advice and support to patients with a stoma or with colorectal dysfunction

Continence Health Care Assistant – our Continence Health Care Assistants are vital members of the team who support our patient assessment and treatment processes. They have key skills in supporting our housebound patients and their carers in order to promote dignity and continence. This includes running some of our group sessions.

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