Information for GP's

Update on current pressures in Locala services

Like the rest of the regional healthcare sector, Locala is currently seeing levels of absence well above our normal levels due to sickness (both Covid and non-Covid), as well as those colleagues who are awaiting PCR tests and results due to being a contact of a positive case. Over recent days these absence figures have been around 140 people or approximately 10% of our workforce.

At the same time we are seeing an increased workload in some areas as we look to support pressures across the health and care system as a whole. This has had a particular impact on our Community Nursing Networks and services supporting admission avoidance and discharge from hospital, but a number of clinical services are affected by the recent guidance.  Some clinical care has had to be re-organised or prioritised to balance staff availability with the needs of our most vulnerable patients.

Our surge and escalation level (currently at phase 3) is under daily review, and colleagues from across the organisation have been working together over recent weeks to help ensure services can continue for our patients. Following the recently issued national NHS guidance for community services, we have used offers of support and redeployment to prioritise frontline services to our most vulnerable services and communities. This has included individuals moving across to different services, and operational managers, team leaders and corporate colleagues with clinical backgrounds moving back into frontline roles, with other colleagues backfilling their managerial duties.

Details on changes to services will be shared here imminently, and via email. In the meantime your understanding about the severe pressure our Community Nursing Teams are under is appreciated. Currently only essential visits are possible.

Please note: The information contained in the Directory of Services may not currently be accurate due to frequently changing demands in Locala services.