How We Are Doing

Locala Health and Wellbeing is proud to be a colleague-owned provider of community healthcare services.

2021 saw the end of Locala’s previous three-year strategy, and the launch of a new strategy, with a refreshed set of values, and a focus on meeting the needs of our communities in the years ahead.

As a social enterprise, we believe in supporting people to have better lives by investing all of our resources into communities.

We will be outstanding in everything that we do so that all of our activities help the people we serve to live better lives. 

Locala Health and Wellbeing’s strategy has five priorities.

  • Exemplary Care
  • Employer of Choice
  • Growth through Partnerships
  • Sustainability
  • Social Impact

To achieve these priorities we will:

  • Work in partnership
  • Continually innovate
  • Have a focus on research and development

With our values at the heart of what we do: Be caring; Be ambitious; Be part of it.

For information on Director payments and Members Council member expenses follow this link.

If you would like to tell us about your care, or how you think we are doing as an organisation then follow this link.