Children's Community Nursing

Our Children's Community Nursing Service is made up of 3 specialist nursing teams providing nursing care to children and young people with a North Kirklees GP up to their 19th Birthday.

The teams consist of experienced children's nurses, specialist children's diabetes nurses & children's continence nurses. All 3 teams are supported by experienced & very knowledgeable health care assistants.

Expert support and advice

We provide practical advice and support to children and young people as well as to their families and carers to ensure children can continue to enjoy their everyday lives.

We strive to keep hospital admissions to a minimum by working with families to self-manage conditions and help and support children to achieve their potential.

Where appropriate we provide professional support and training to educational staff to help children continue to attend nursery, school or college.

We support children and young people with the following (this list is not exhaustive & each referral will be dealt with on an individual basis):

  • Diabetes
  • home oxygen therapy
  • Oncology (cancer) and some blood related disorders
  • Wound care e.g. post-operative wounds, pressure wounds
  • Some aspects of epilepsy
  • Children with long term conditions
  • Gastrostomy & Nasogastric tubes
  • End of life care for children with a nursing need who have life limiting/life threatening conditions
  • Support with invasive/non-invasive ventilation
  • Support families with injections
  • Training and technical assistance with equipment
  • Support children with specialist provision in mainstream schools
  • continence
  • Bowel & bladder dysfunction
  • Sleep studies at consultant request

We work in partnership with Fairfield special school in Batley to provide specialist nursing care to their pupils and we support children with health needs in other educational settings including mainstream settings.

When do we offer this service?

We offer this service Monday to Friday, from 8am to 5pm. Additional support is also available during acute periods and for end of life care where required.



We work in partnership with families and carers and other agencies. Referrals can be made to the service by local hospitals, paediatricians, other children's community nursing teams and healthcare professionals, GPs, Specialist Tertiary Centres, Social Services & Education. You can also self-refer or be referred by friend or family member. Click 'Make a referral' on the right to refer.

Useful Links

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Northorpe Hall - A Mirfield based childrens mental and emotional health charity.

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