Sarah - Managing my wound care at home

Richards Story

Richard Palmer from Hightown, Liversedge, has severe and worsening Osteoarthritis and several other health conditions yet he doesn’t let that stop him leading a busy life. He is Chair of Kirklees Older People’s Network and has many craft hobbies.

Richard receives a personal budget for his care and employs a personal assistant as a carer but he still makes his own decisions about his healthcare. He said:” I relish my independence. No one chooses to be disabled but if your body lets you down you can remain in control if the right support mechanisms are in place.”

Locala’s community nurses have shown Richard’s personal assistant how to dress his leg wounds and they both know the nurses are there if they are needed.

Said Richard: “Maximising independence means different things for different people as none of us have the same needs. By taking a holistic approach the healthcare team can provide the appropriate level of support. If the professionals do everything and make decisions for patients all the time they’re deskilling them unnecessarily.”

As a result of his condition Richard had to spend some time in a nursing home which he described as very institutional. Since then he is even more determined to remain involved in decisions about his care and isn’t prepared to ‘just vegetate’.