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What does the day entail?

The DESMOND session will consist of a maximum of 10 patients, all type 2 diabetics, some newly diagnosed, some diagnosed for some time. There will also be 2 educators there who will be delivering the DESMOND session. The session is an interactive session and the educators will give you the opportunity to ask questions and explain things you are unsure about during the session. You are welcome to bring a partner/ friend for moral support. You will take part in some activities but you don’t have to feel you have to contribute but obviously you will find the course more beneficial if you do.

I struggle mostly with food, will there be an opportunity to discuss this on these sessions?

Yes, during the day you will be able to find out more about food and understanding their labels and what you should be looking for. There is an interactive part that enables you to find out about the typical foods that are eaten every day and how to improve your choices. A lot of patients find this part beneficial for themselves and their partners who help to prepare meals.

What is the difference between 2 half days and a full day?

If you choose to attend the course in two half day sessions you will be given two dates that are usually within 2 weeks of each other. Half days are 3 hour sessions and you will be expected to attend both to complete the course and get the full content that would be delivered in a full day session. Half days are often convenient for those with other commitments through the day. Full day sessions are delivered 9am- 4pm and you would only have to attend one of those.

I would like to attend but can’t commit the time through the day, what can you do?

We offer evening sessions for those that need to attend outside normal working hours. These sessions are delivered in two halves and you would be expected to attend both sessions to get the full course content. Evening sessions are available in the Huddersfield and Dewsbury area. These sessions are run from 6pm- 9pm.

I am a carer for a type 2 diabetic who is unable to attend the session but I want to know more to help care for them, can I attend alone?

Yes, you are able to attend the course as an observer/ carer. You will need to contact the administrator and let them know the details and they can book you onto a course suitable for you.

I enjoyed the course when I went years ago but would like to attend again to update my knowledge, can I book on?

Yes, you are more than welcome to attend a DESMOND session. You can self-refer to us by contacting the administrator on 01484 415534.

I found this course more informative and enjoyable than I expected. I would like to tell others about it- how can I do this?

Locala DESMOND welcomes all feedback, either negative or positive and you are able to leave any positive feedback at the end of the session you have attended or you can visit the patient opinion website to leave your feedback. All feedback posted on the patient opinion website will get a response from us. Feedback posted on the patient opinion website will be anonymous and other patients are able to see your feedback. Please visit www.patientopinion.org.uk to leave your feedback.

If you would like to just leave feedback about your course to the administrator, this is also welcomed. Your feedback will be passed onto the team on your behalf.

We also welcome anyone who would like to volunteer feedback/ ideas for our facebook page.

If you are interested in working with us to provide a video testimony that we can use then please contact the DESMOND administrator.