Specialist Diabetes Nurses

What services are provided?

  • Each Diabetes Specialist Nurse has responsibility for a number of GP surgeries, therefore, the surgery that you are registered with will have a named Diabetes Specialist Nurse.
  • Clinics are held at Princess Royal Health Centre, Mill Hill Health Centre, Holme Valley Memorial Hospital, Scissett, Slaithwaite, The Grange at Fartown and Fartown Health Centre. We also see people in the outpatients department and sometimes in patients homes.
  • We provide structured group education for patients with Type one or Type two diabetes.

When should I see a Diabetes Specialist Nurse?

You should see a Diabetes Specialist Nurse if you are having particular problems with your diabetes, planning a pregnancy or have just learned that you have Type one diabetes. They will be able to help you understand, monitor and control your condition.

What happens when I am referred to a Diabetes Specialist Nurse?

We will contact you to arrange your appointment at a clinic location convenient to you. We can also arrange to see people in their own homes if they are not well enough to come to a clinic.

If you feel your referral is urgent because you are having symptoms such as thirst, passing a lot of urine, tiredness and weight loss, please contact  0300 304 5555.

Prior to your appointment we will ask you to consider what your own goals are to manage your diabetes. We will discuss your goals and treatment with you at your appointment.

How long will the appointment last?

First appointments usually last one hour; follow up appointments may last 30 minutes or less. Quite often follow up support and advice may be via the telephone or Skype.

What if I have special needs?

We are happy to accommodate any needs / special issues you have if we possibly can and we can provide translators if required. Please contact us to discuss your needs or those of a relative before the first appointment so we can make any necessary arrangements.

What if I want to give feedback about the service I have received?

Please see our Contact Us page which has information about how to provide feedback to Locala or visit Patient Opinion. We welcome any feedback whether you have a concern or compliment and use these to help improve our services.

How to find us

Diabetes Specialist Nurses
Diabetes Education Centre
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