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Mrs Craven's Story

Mrs Christina Craven was referred by her GP to the Day Surgery Unit at Holme Valley Memorial Hospital after complaining of a weird ‘boiling water’ sensation and intense pain in her left foot. Following examination, in conjunction with X-Rays, Mrs Craven was diagnosed with 2nd metatarsal cuneiform arthritis, joint arthritis to her mid foot and associated hallux valgus.

After discussion about the findings, and her conservative and surgical options, she elected to undergo surgical management in terms for a 2nd MCJ fusion with calcaneal bone graft and Scarf and Akin osteotomy to address the bunion deformity. The two and a half hour procedure was carried out under regional anaesthesia.

Mrs Craven, from Denby Dale, said: “I had no idea this kind of work was carried out here. I was so pleased to learn this could be done as day surgery. The whole team were very friendly and put me at ease. They talked me through everything in easy to understand language and I felt confident in their expertise throughout. Everything, from the short journey from home to the easy parking, the professionalism of the team and their modern equipment made my experience more comfortable than having to go to a larger hospital further away. I really felt at the centre of all that was happening and I would definitely recommend day surgery at Holme Valley Memorial Hospital.” Mrs Craven is now well recovered from her surgery.