How to look after your feet

Practising good foot hygiene

Wash your feet every day with soap and water. If this is not possible, wash them when someone is available to help you. Pay attention to the spaces between your toes. Dry your feet carefully afterwards. If you are unable to use soap and water for washing the feet, a cleansing wipe can be used.

Whilst washing the feet, a pumice stone or nail file should be used to reduce any areas of thickened /dry skin and also on the nails to reduce their thickness if required and keep their length down.

File the nails as often as possible to reduce the need for cutting. If you do need to cut the nails, use a pair of nail nippers and carefully trim the nail following the contour of the toe (do not cut them too low or down the sides as this can cause the nail to ‘dig in’). When you have cut the nails, use a nail file to shape them and reduce the thickness. It may be easier to cut your nails after soaking them in warm water for a short period, or after a bath.

Moisturise your feet every day, paying attention to the heels and any areas of dry / thickened skin. Any moisturising cream is ok as long as it is used regularly. If the skin is cracked around the heels, then it is best to use a cream containing urea (the higher the percentage of urea the more effective for cracks caused by dry skin).

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To help you here's a short self-help video outlining some of the techniques mentioned here.