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Nail Surgery

We provide corrective nail surgery for ingrowing and/or curved painful toenails. An initial assessment will be carried out to decide whether surgery is the correct option. Surgery will be carried out under local anaesthetic. Some patients may not be suitable for this type of treatment, for example patients who are undergoing immune compromising therapy, HIV or patients undergoing anticoagulant therapy. This assessment will be held at Dewsbury Health Centre.


We carry out diabetic foot assessments as part of management of diabetes. There are a few tests that patients undergo. These include a neuropathy test, which tests for any numbness in the foot. A circulation test, where the podiatrist will check the pulses in the foot to see how well the blood is circulating to your feet. And they will also carry out a general foot assessment to check for any corns or calluses which may affect the feet. This assessment will be held at the Diabetes Centre at Dewsbury District Hospital.

Routine Care

This can be a short course of treatment or continuing care where the patient can be seen every 3 months, but this is at the podiatrist’s discretion. Patients are assessed on a basis of clinical need. The care includes general nail and foot care. For example removal of corns and calluses or just nail cutting. This can be held at Cleckheaton Health Centre, Dewsbury Health Centre or Batley Health Centre.