Muscles, Joints and Bones (MSK)

The MSK (Musculoskeletal) service provides assessment and treatment of patients with complex musculoskeletal conditions - these usually affect the joints, muscles, bones and soft tissue.

Our team includes 3 GP’s with a specialist interest in Musculoskeletal Medicine, 8 Advanced Clinical Practitioners in Physiotherapy, and an Advanced Clinical Podiatrist.

An Advanced Clinical Practitioner (or ACP)  is a highly specialised physiotherapist who can provide a range of interventions and investigations for complex non-surgical musculoskeletal conditions which include treatment, education and advice.

Our team will diagnose and manage your condition and support you with a tailored plan of care. This could include referral for physiotherapy, further investigations such as MRI, X-Ray or blood tests, injection treatment which can be offered in our clinic or onward referral for a surgical opinion or pain management.

We are a community clinic based at Princess Royal Community Health Centre, providing assessment and treatment of patients with complex musculoskeletal conditions - these usually affect the joints, muscles, bones and soft tissue. Our 10 clinicians are supported by members of the admin team.

What to expect

  • A detailed assessment to establish the nature of your problem
  • We can refer you for further investigation if necessary
  • Advice regarding your condition and how to manage it
  • We offer some injections (we are unable to offer spinal injections)
  • We can refer you on for specialist treatment

What we do

We see a wide range of musculoskeletal problems, we offer a thorough assessment, advice and in some circumstances injections. We deal with non-inflammatory arthritis, ligament and tendon problems and nerve entrapment issues.

What we don't do

We do not provide Physiotherapy as part of the MSK service. If a patient has a problem that requires physiotherapy in the first instance, patients will need referring directly to the physiotherapy department.

We don’t deal with non-entrapment nerve problems for example conditions causing problems with the way nerves work (neuropathy).

We don’t deal with widespread pain issues; these are best dealt with in Pain management or Rheumatology.

We do not deal with hypermobility disorders; these are best managed with specialist physiotherapy.

Contact Information

Princess Royal Health Centre
Greenhead Road


What Our Patients Say

On a recent survey 95.33% of our patients said that their experience was ‘good’ or ‘very good’.

What our patients had to say:

‘Very friendly team, always at ease when I attend there’

‘All appointments were on time, excellent professional health care provided from a very professional and friendly member of staff.’

‘It has been an amazing service from Carl and all the receptionists I have dealt with. They have helped and reassured me whilst supporting treatment.’

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