Medicines Optimisation

Support Team

Medicines Support Team

This Locala service supports house-bound patients (over 18s) across Kirklees with the management of their medicines.  The team consists of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.

What does the team do?

The team make home visits to support patients to understand their medication.  This includes what it is for, when to take it and side effects. The team can carry out a review of prescribed medication, as well as helping to maximise patient independence by explaining about techniques (e.g. inhalers) or providing various medication aids (e.g. eye drop aids or monitored dose systems).

They liaise closely with, and refer to relevant health and social care professionals within Locala and externally.  This includes 3rd sector and befriending services such as Age UK to reduce social isolation. They also work closely with local community pharmacy teams to ensure they know about any changes to medication regimens in a timely manner to reduce risk of incorrect dosage.

What is the patient criteria for this service?

The service is available for housebound patients unable to attend their GP or local pharmacy for review. Criteria for referral include:

  • taking four or more medicines
  • taking high risk medicines such as medication to thin the blood, strong painkillers such as opioids (e.g. codeine, tramadol, morphine),  
  • taking medications for the heart such as digoxin, diuretics (e.g. water tablets)
  • taking medication to reduce blood pressure, medication for Parkinson's disease, epilepsy or diabetes (e.g. insulin)
  • patients who have recently been in hospital or are recurrent A&E attendees,
  • patients who require a medication review to prevent falls
  • general issues/ concerns with medication (e.g. non-adherence, changes to medication, issues with inhaler use etc.).