Dermatology Service

Referral information

Clinician Information

The Community Dermatology service is available for all non-complex (straight forward) referrals for patients registered with south Kirklees GP practices.

Our service is available on the e-Referral service & our appointments are directly bookable by the GP or patient. All referrals received will be triaged as appropriate to offer patients the most suitable options for treatment.

Please note: If we conclude that treatment is not appropriate at our Community Dermatology clinic the referral will be rejected & sent back to the referring practice. The referring practice will need to inform patient of this.

For further information please contact our dedicated team on 030 3330 9994.

Patient Information

Your GP will book your appointment with us direct from our e-Referral booking system at the time of referring you to our service, alternatively you will receive an appointment booking letter for you to book your appointment online or by telephone.

Prior to your appointment you will receive an appointment letter with your appointment details and any relevant information in preparation for your appointment.

If we decide that your referral is not appropriate your appointment will be cancelled. Your GP will be notified of this & will contact you to discuss. 

Following your appointment your GP will receive a letter outlining your treatment & care.

For any queries please contact our dedicated team on: 030 3330 9994.