Children's Speech and Language Therapy

Useful Links

Small Talk booklet 
How children learn to talk from birth to age 5

ICAN Charity
Helping babies and young children learn skills for talking

Talking Point

Talk to your baby
Good advice for parents

A national organisation for teachers, speech and language therapists and other professionals which aims to promote and increase awareness of speech, language and communication needs

An organisation for parents of children with speech, language and communication difficulties. 

The British Stammering Association (BSA)
BSA is the national organisation for adults and children who stammer, run by people who stammer'. Helpline: 0845 603 2001

Developmental Language disorder (DLD)
A type of speech language and communication need (SLCN) that affects the way that children understand and use language

BBC - Tiny Happy People

GOV UK - Hungry Little Minds

Early Years PDP

Council for Disabled Children

NHS Start for Life

Bliss UK