Locala's Board

Locala’s Board is made up of Executive Directors and their Non-Executive counterparts who work to manage the affairs of Locala and provide strategic direction for the future. It has responsibility for making sure:

  • We provide safe, effective and high quality care for patients
  • We manage our finances to enable us to invest in services
  • We plan for the future and adapt to change
  • We meet our regulatory and contractual obligations

The Board meets monthly and meets formally with the Members' Council at the Annual Members Meeting.

In addition, there are three sub-committees of the Board:

  • Audit and Risk Committee provides overall scrutiny and recommendations to the Board of Directors.
  • Nomination and Remuneration Committee - the nominations committee reviews the structure of the Board and its subordinate committees. The remunerations committee determines policy on staff remuneration and must approve any review of staff salary. It also appoints and decides the remuneration of the Executive Directors.
  • Quality Committee