IV Therapy

The IV Team is responsible for providing intravenous antibiotics for patients in their own homes throughout Kirklees.

We treat a number of conditions depending on the antibiotic therapy required.

The antibiotics can either be via a bolus or an infusion and can be administered up to three times per day. Anti-biotics are administered either via peripheral cannula or central line. All members of the Team are fully trained in inserting and maintaining these types of devices. 


You can contact the IV Therapy team for advice on 07908 529195.

You can also contact Locala Single Point of Contact on 0300 304 5555.

Hours of working:

08:00 until 21:00 seven days per week.

Parking at Princess Royal Health Centre

There is a parking charge at Princess Royal Health Centre: £1 for 1 hour, £2 for 2 hours, £3 for 3 hours. Pay and display machines are located within the car park. Disabled parking spaces are located at the rear of the building.


All patients on the IV Team caseload must be under the care of a Consultant in hospital but if you have a patient who you feel would benefit from intravenous therapy please give the IV Team a ring and we would be happy to provide advice.

To see all of Locala’s CQC ratings and read the reports in full please click the link here:

Area Feedback
HD5 “The IV Team were all very well organised and very polite, they were very helpful when asked a question and responded very well, all the staff were wonderful, kind and very cheerful. Thank you so, so much”
HD4 “All the team were efficient, helpful and cheerful. The antibiotics were needed to void me of infection. Most of the nurses were fully aware, others knew most of the history but not all. People have no need to feel apprehensive. The treatment is painless and I came to regard all the nurses as friends”
HD3 “Nurses were prompt, compassionate and caring. A very good service, friendly and above all in the comfort of home”
HD7 “Everyone was nice”
WF15 “Very good care”
HD5 “Marvellous care”
WF14 “Overall the whole Team were very friendly and helpful”
HD9 “Margaret was great and very patient”
HD8 “Exceptional care”
WF14 “All the team were trained to give IV drugs and to do blood samples via a PICC line. All relevant information was passed onto the whole Team. Caring and friendly, amenable when times needed to be changed for appointments”
BD19 “Everyone who has been to see me has had the right attitude, staff were also very polite and explained everything to me”
WF12 “Very understanding and professional staff, they took the time to talk to my Son. All the staff were aware of my Son and his illness. Very pleasant and professional staff.”
WF15 “I found all the care very good. I had ups and downs but was reassured by all at different times. They were very caring and professional at their job and big thank you to all”
WF13 “All the IV Team are all lovely and helpful. Claire gave me all the answers I needed, because I have used the service 4 times, I feel they know me and my needs perfectly. The whole Team are really lovely and helpful. It is an excellent service to help patients stay at home instead of being in hospital, and it feels like they actually want to help you”
HD2 “Excellent service, would definitely recommend this service”
WF14 “This service is a credit to West Yorkshire, everything went to the plan given at the previous visit – very satisfactory. Who could ask for a better service”
HD2 “Excellent service – all the staff were brilliant”
HD5 “We feel that whenever possible it is in the patient’s interest to have treatment at home, it is easier to rest more and feel relaxed in familiar surroundings. We have every confident in all the staff as they seemed fully aware of what treatment was required”
HD4 “Excellent service, lovely friendly staff”
WF15 “Excellent treatment, would recommend this in future, having treatment at home enabled me to stay out of hospital”
HD8 “Most definitely feel that I was seen by the right member of staff as they were all warm, caring and friendly, they listened to what was said about pain levels and took note and reported this back. I am very impressed with the fact that the clinician knew my medical history at the first visit. I would most definitely recommend this service as the care the nurses gave us is a/one nothing was too much trouble, this service must be a great help to everyone – including family and the patient. Keep up the good work, especially the “care angels: Phillip, Kath, Zeema, Karen, Margaret and Clare”. Thank you to you all”
HD5 “Wonderful service, thank you”
HD5 “Fantastic service”
WF15 “All the staff in the IV Team knew what I needed, they are excellent and got me out of hospital”
HD4 “They were brilliant”
WF13 “Karen and Phil were excellent, very professional”
HD8 “Just so friendly and happy, yes I would recommend”
HD3 “The Team answered my questions simply and clearly”
BD19 “They are all very friendly and I shall miss them”
WF12 “They explained everything that needed to be done and why, everyone who visited were professional but made you feel at ease, excellent team”
HD3 “Excellent service, all nurses were very helpful friendly and willing to explain and answer all my questions”
HD5 “All the Team were very pleasant. It was just what I needed and I got all the help and advice from a delightful team. Each member of the Team were very well informed. It was more like having friends round than nurses, they were all delightful company”
HD8 “Very good service having the treatment at home has kept me out of hospital. This service should be known by everyone medical so they can refer when needed. I was on 4 different oral antibiotics before commencing on IV’s”
HD8 “Excellent service – having treatment at home has kept me out of hospital”
HD4 “Very good service”
WF12 “Good service, all staff were very professional”
WF15 “The nurse that first came (Zeema) is kind and careful and answered all of my questions. Zeema was also very helpful in explaining everything to me as she had already read my hospital notes. I would also like to thank everyone else but most of all Kath for looking after me, thank you so much”
WF15 “I am patient’s Daughter, who cares for Mum, I would like to say a massive thank you, you have been wonderful with my Mum, so caring and lovely, also explaining things to me when I was concerned. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and a special thank you to Zeema, what a wonderful nurse and person”
HD4 “Very good service”
WF15 “Everybody has tried to ensure that visits were timed to fit around any other commitments that I had. I have a lot of medical history, so I do not expect people to know it all but I do not feel that this affected my treatment. I am completely satisfied with the service and treatment”
HD9 “I felt thoroughly happy about the care that I received from every nurse, they have all given me many happy moments so a big thank you to everyone. Every nurse was very well informed. All the nurses made me feel confident in their care. The treatment cured me, so nothing could have been better”
WF17 “All the team met our needs, they were all very kind, professional and caring. Advice and support was given at the right time in a professional manner and any problems were solved very quickly and we both thank your IV Team, you are all excellent. My husband being at home in his own environment has added to his well-being and recovery”
HD9 “Superb team, lovely people”
HD4 “Excellent nurses, very helpful (Clare and Margaret). The service is a God-send, it meant I didn’t have to stay in hospital”
HD3 “This is the best service I have received from the NHS. I cannot think of anything that would have improved the service and/or the treatment from the Locala IV Team. They are all very good and kind, my thanks to all of them”
HD9 “Fabulous care. Margaret was excellent, couldn’t have had better care”
WF16 “Fantastic service”
HD3 “Great service – lovely staff”
HD2 “Excellent service”
WF12 “Very happy with treatment at home. Everyone has been very, very pleasant”
WF13 “I loved having the treatment at home instead of hospital. Great service!”
WF14 “Everything done at the right time and best care. The staff knew enough about my immediate illness. Nothing could have made the service any better, all my requirements were met”
HD2 “Excellent service, Kathryn the nurse was very, very good – explained everything to me”
WF17 “The IV Team are very friendly, very efficient, very professional, they explain everything and make it easier for you. This is an excellent service for people at home. Nothing could improve this wonderful team”
HD8 “Excellent service”
HD3 “I felt that the IV Team knew as much as they needed to know about me, I could not fault the service, all the staff were very professional. They are excellent even to the point of making sure that I had a follow up by the Consultant who had originally referred me for treatment – thank you!”
WF13 “The Team were professional as always, and courteous, lovely as always”
HD1 “Brilliant work, glad not to be in hospital”
WF15 “The nurses have been really good. They explained everything, nice to talk to, have good manners”
HD3 “The care I received was incredible, the nurse was very caring and listened to my needs”
HD1 “Very pleased with staff visiting – polite, good at their work (Kath Martin and Margaret Smith). Very thorough in their skills, always able to advise and answer questions about care”
HD3 “Very satisfied with the service”
WF12 “Very happy with treatment and impressed that I could have my central line removed at home”
HD9 “Happy that I could be cannulated at home. Excellent service”
BD7 “Excellent treatment from the Team – no complaints”
BD11 “The IV Team never let me down and always came when they said they would which was very important to be as I had other appointments to attend. I felt that the IV Team knew my medical history and gave me a lot of advice on what I was taking and it made me feel at ease. The IV Team also went above and beyond even making me a doctor’s appointment when I felt unwell. This is a very good service and they were all very nice and professional. A special mention to Phil who gave me extremely good advice.”
WF12 “An excellent team which could not be improved on”
HD9 “Could not ask for better, everything was A1”
WF15 “They are a good team – a credit to their profession”
HD4 “Everything and everybody were spot on. Very caring and attentive. Thank you”
HD4 “The nurses answered all my questions and queries in a very friendly manner. Definitely would choose this treatment instead of staying in hospital”
HD9 “All the people that attended to me were very aware of my medical history, this service is excellent for freeing up a hospital bed. I would highly recommend it. All staff were professional and kind”
WF17 “Nothing could have made the treatment better than the treatment I was given. All of the nurses were very professional and could not do enough to make me feel better each time they came. Your nurses are 100% and more, I cannot thank them enough”
WF13 “Excellent service”
HD7 “The treatment was perfect – Kath and Margaret were lovely”
HD4 “I have received an excellent service from caring professionals from beginning to end and I am extremely grateful. To be able to receive treatment at home rather than in hospital has been a God send and made this past week much less stressful. I was reassured that my condition was responded to quickly and effectively. Thank you Phil for your excellent care!”
HD4 “The care and treatment has been first class throughout. Both the IV and District Nurses are dedicated and hardworking, caring professionals who deserve the highest praise – thank you”
HD3 “Glad to be home from hospital, good idea to be able to have treatment at home”
HD8 “Very helpful and kind”
BD19 “Everyone who came to see me was very good at what they did, if I asked questions, I was given good advice and support throughout treatment. Everyone was very reassuring and made everything pleasant. I cannot think of anything more that could have been done to make care or treatment better, I had an excellent team of nurses. Thank you very much”
HD9 “Superb care. Good service. No complaints, wish all MP’s were like staff, country would be a better place”
WF12 “Phil (staff nurse) made the treatment extremely comfortable and smooth, he has a very friendly and relaxed approach. Timing was good. Phil was very aware of anything I asked, so I was very confident that he was more than capable of carrying out my treatment. I would be more than happy to use this service in the future”
HD8 “Always get the best care from everybody”
HD3 “1st class service and very informative. Very helpful advice”
HD9 “Every one of the nurses that came were lovely”
WF13 “Happy with all staff visiting, pleasant and enjoyable visits. SN Phil is welcome to come round for a cup of tea at any time”
WF13 “Very happy with service, friendly nurse who visited me (Zeema) helped me to obtain my money back for my prescription – they went above and beyond”
HD9 “Good service, kept me out of hospital”
HD5 “Everyone has been excellent”
WF14 Everything that was done, was done with great care. The clinician knew all about my medical history and I would recommend this service to anyone. All the staff were brilliant”
WF12 “What a brilliant team!”
HD9 “The care I received from all concerned has been excellent and would recommend to anyone. It saved a trip to HRI and the staff were all very friendly and caring”
HD7 “Very punctual and friendly service”
WF12 “Service was excellent – thank you”
HD2 “Excellent service, stopped me from having to stay in hospital”
WF17 “I am sure that all the nurses were the most caring and professional I have had treating me. I was checked out for other things that I suffer from and given advice to help with them. I believe the nurses were completely aware of my history and condition I was in when they came to me. I would have no problem, recommending your nursing staff to anyone. I could not fault the courtesy and professional ways they treat me. There is nothing else that I can think of which would have made my treatment and care any better.”
HD9 “Grateful to have treatment at home. Excellent service”
HD5 “It was a relief not to go into hospital for treatment”
WF12 “Excellent service, all staff very friendly”
HD7 “Good team, stops me from having to go into hospital”
HD7 “Excellent service”
HD7 “Excellent service”
HD9 “Thank you all for being so lovely and lifting my spirits when I was down”
HD1 “Fantastic staff, glad to be out of hospital”
WF13 “All staff very helpful and answered all my questions”
HD1 “I had a brilliant experience with the IV Team. Every member made me feel at ease and were polite and generous. Thank you for all the help and support. Well done”
HD7 “I would recommend the IV service, it is an excellent service. I run my own business and it has enabled me to attend work, if there had been no IV service I would have had to stay in hospital to have the treatment. All the nurses who attended were fantastic and very professional. Thank you”
HD5 “Very good service”
HD3 “Knowledgeable and friendly staff – all good”
HD3 “Very happy with the service and that my Husband’s condition has much improved”
HD5 “Excellent service, brilliant that I could have the treatment at home”
HD9 “Very happy with IV treatment”
HD7 “Excellent treatment – care could not have been made any better”
HD3 “The service is excellent and has enabled me to stay at home and have my treatment”
HD9 “Very pleased with my care”
WF16 “Fantastic staff, everyone was lovely. Thank you”
WF15 “Everyone has been fantastic”
WF12 “The service I was given by your team was absolutely first rate and was very pleased with everything”
WF14 “The service was excellent, all very lovely people”
BD19 “It’s been a brilliant service”
WF13 “Wonderful service – thank you”
WF15 “I was apprehensive when I was told that I would be having this treatment at home, but it’s been fantastic, so efficient and friendly. The service has been a hell of a lot better than the hospital”
WF17 “Great service – thank you”
HD9 “Very happy with all aspects of care. I had confidence in all the Team members that visited me”
HD1 “Care was excellent”
HD4 “All the IV Team are the right type of people. They always made sure that I hadn’t anything planned and worked round it if I had and gave me an idea when they would be here, they all knew about me and I would recommend the service to anyone who needed it”
HD1 “My care was excellent from the Locala IV Team”
HD9 “All of the team were friendly, professional and approachable at all times. Nothing was too much trouble and they provided me with warm care when I needed it”
HD7 “The Team made me feel comfortable right from the start of treatment, every member of the team was extremely pleasant, they all answered all of my questions on my treatment professionally and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them, couldn’t be better”
HD8 “All the nurses were very good to me and they were there to meet my needs. The nurses were always there for me at the right time, they were all very pleasant and very professional. I have had asthma for a long time and I have had the treatment a few years ago with the same medication, I would recommend this service to friends and family. Nothing could have made it any better the nurses were all so caring”
HD8 “Fantastic service, very efficient and friendly”
HD3 “Couldn’t think of anything to make the service any better, as the staff are so lovely and friendly, they cannot do enough to help you”
HD7 “Excellent service. Having treatment at home kept me from staying in hospital”
HD3 “Good service”
HD9 “Nothing could have made the service any better. Very grateful for the care received”
HD2 “Happy to be in my own home, everyone has been friendly”
HD8 “All the team provided an exemplary service at all times and answered any questions I had and liaised with other professionals when required. The service provided was explained and always provided with care, consideration and in a supportive manner. Staff were aware of my history and checked tis out with me. The service was professional, all the team clearly explained the process and carried out tasks with care, all were a pleasure to have in my own home. I cannot think of anything to improve the care I received. To be able to have this treatment in my own home was great.”
HD7 “Lovely team – thank you for all your help”
HD8 “Very satisfied with treatment”
HD9 “Thank you for everything you have done. I am sad to say goodbye to such brilliant professionals. I feel like I am getting my life back. Everyone who visited me were excellent”
HD7 “All the nurses are fantastic and all deserve a gold medal the size of a dustbin lid”
HD4 “Good service”
HD8 “Thank you for the good care”
HD3 “I would highly recommend the service”
WF14 “Happy with the care received, recommend the service to friends and family”
WF14 “Very delighted with the care received”
HD8 “I was told that this service did not exist, so was delighted when I could have this treatment”
HD7 “Staff have been spot on”
HD4 “Very happy with the service”
HD1 “I enjoyed having my treatment at home”
HD9 “The IV Nurses Karen who visited me on Saturday and Sunday and Margaret who visited me on Monday and Tuesday were very kind and friendly towards me and made me feel at ease with chat and laughs. If all the nurses are like Karen and Margaret then I would recommend this service to my friends and family. Brilliant”
HD5 “Very happy with the staff. They made me feel very comfortable. A very good service”
HD3 “Happy with IV service. All staff were nice”
WF12 “I had the same nurse for 3 days, she helped me manage my pain and advised me on how to help my leg heal. I was happy with all my visits as they were in the morning. The nurse was friendly to me and my Wife and kids”
HD8 “Could not make service any better. IV Therapy at home has enabled me to stay at home. This is the third time I have had this treatment at home and it is an excellent service”
HD5 “I would score the IV Team a 10. It is a brilliant service and could not make it any better. Staff Nurse Zeema Malik who attended to me was fantastic, she was calm, professional, I have a needle phobia and when I needed a new cannula she put me at ease. A totally different experience from the nurses at HRI”
“Phil was efficient and pleasant. Voiced he would come back and did at the time he said he would. Excellent service”
HD3 “Very friendly staff and professional. Treatment and visits were right and they suited me very well”
HD8 “I could not fault this service, its brilliant. I would have to have stayed in hospital if not for this service. Thank you to all the nurses, they were all fantastic”
HD2 “Happy with staff, staff nurse got me for a review very quick when I was not well”
WF14 “Delighted with care”
HD7 “Good service”
WF13 “Good treatment received by friendly staff. Staff monitored my leg regularly. I am happy with the support I received, timing of visit appreciated”
BD11 “I am happy with the care I received, good service as I did not have to go into hospital. The staff nurse came at a time that was better for me so I could get my shopping done. Keep up the good work”
WF12 “Happy with care received, all staff lovely”
WF17 “Better to be home than in hospital”
HD5 “Very good service”
HD5 “The staff were very friendly and professional, I would not hesitate to recommend them to family and friends. The treatment and support I received has been excellent”
HD2 “Seeing the same person was great. Excellent service”
HD9 “The whole Team have been very friendly and helpful – Thanks”
HD5 “The service is fantastic and all the staff are amazing”
BD11 “Completely happy with every aspect of my overall treatment. The staff were excellent and I cannot thank them enough”
BD19 “Very happy, good service, didn’t have to stay in hospital”
HD1 “Excellent treatment and service”
HD1 “Great service, fantastic team”
HD2 “Great service”
HD2 “It’s an amazing service”
HD4 “Appreciated not having to be in hospital for treatment”
HD4 “How do you improve on perfection ????” – BD
HD5 “Very happy with treatment at home” – CK
HD7 “Excellent service, no improvement required at all. All the Team do a wonderful job and are very pleasant and delightful”
HD8 “Service brilliant, great support from IV Nurses”
HD8 “This service enables you to stay in the comfort of your own home whilst having a high standard of care and treatment, I would highly recommend. The staff were all friendly and professional and the service is greatly appreciated”
HD9 “Fantastic service, wonderful nurses that visited”
HD9 “Polite staff, glad I wasn’t in hospital and I could stay at home”
HD9 “All the staff in the IV Team have been fantastic and the fact that I was able to have treatment at home was brilliant”
HD9 “Service was very good, very friendly and professional at all times”
HD9 “Would highly recommend IV Team, very good”
WF12 “Very good and excellent treatment”
WF13 “Very happy with the service, great to have antibiotics at home”
WF13 “Very happy with treatment. IV Team are excellent – very professional”