We have a zero tolerance approach to abuse. Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults is our priority. If you are concerned about a child or adult that may be at risk report it.

Locala Safeguarding Team Vision

  • Locala Safeguarding Team will lead the way for safeguarding within and beyond Locala by developing and empowering others.
  • We will use our safeguarding knowledge and expertise to promote safe and compassionate care.
  • We are committed to ensuring our vision for safeguarding becomes everyone's vision.

Remember - Safeguarding is everyone's business! Never do nothing...



Paula Adams
Head of Safeguarding
Mobile: 07763 556801
Skype: 030 3330 8939

Louise Fletcher
Named Nurse for Safeguarding Children and Adults at Risk
Mobile: 07763 562007
Skype: 030 3330 8794

Nicola Mitchell
Safeguarding Practitioner
Mobile: 07763 564771
Skype: 030 3330 8791

Sarah Oldbury
Safeguarding Practitioner
Mobile: 07763 563458
Skype: 030 3330 9602

Kerry Matthews
Safeguarding Practitioner
Mobile: 07763 548000
Skype: 033 3043 6296

If you are worried about a child who may be abused or neglected please visit to find out how to report your concerns.

If you are worried about an Adult at risk of abuse or neglect visit this link to find out how to report your concerns.

To see all of Locala’s CQC ratings and read the reports in full please click the link here: