Biomechanics in podiatry is the assessment of the lower limb and foot.

The Biomechanics Team may provide help to people who suffer with lower back, knee and generalised foot and ankle pain. A typical appointment may include gait analysis and assessment of the lower limb and foot. Treatment could include advice in relation to stretching, footwear, lifestyle and the provision of insoles.

Should treatment not be successful through the Podiatry Biomechanics Team onward referrals can be made to appropriate services.

Many people experience pain in the lower limb at some point. Improving your muscle strength and flexibility by exercising and stretching can improve the blood flow to your muscles and improve your posture.

Maintaining your posture and keeping your muscles healthy can help alleviate pain and improve overall health.

Below you will find some useful video links demonstrating a range of different stretching exercises we would like you to complete before attending you Podiatry Biomechanics appointment.

Exercises to stretch tight Gastrocnemius muscles

Stretches for tight Soleus muscles