Health Visiting

Child Development Practitioners

Locala Community Child Development Practitioners work with families and young people. The main focus of our work is to provide information and advice to empower parents enabling them to provide the care and support their children need at each stage of their development.

Your health visitor can refer you to the Community Child Development Practitioners or you can speak to us at well baby clinics. We are happy to provide a telephone, Skype or live chat consultation if that suits you.

Locala Community Child Development Practitioners can offer help and advice on the following topics:

Support Colic management
Dental care
Encouraging language development
General age and stage development
Getting to know your Newborn/ Building a happy baby
Head lice management
Healthy diet
Home/Garden/Road/Sun Safety
Importance of play
Infant Massage – IAIM instruction – KAL IM Provision
Introducing solids
Minor Ailments
Nursery places
Positive parenting- including managing temper tantrums
Potty training
Registering with a dentist
Responsive feeding
Sleep management
Soothing a crying baby
Teething management