Dental Care

Make a referral

Referrals are accepted through the website and can be made by health, education or social care professionals. 

We are sorry, but we are unable to accept self-referrals into Locala Dental Care. 

For General Dental Practitioners - all paediatric referrals now come via the Electronic Referral Management System ERMS. 

Please use the online referral on this site for adult referrals.

  • For Dental Professionals referring in we employ the British Dental Association (BDA) Case Mix tool to ensure patients are appropriate for our service.
  • For more information on how this is determined, please contact us or visit the BDA website

Referral Process:

If the person doesn’t have a dentist and are unable to be seen in the general dental service they can be referred to Locala Dental Care. The referral can be made by a Health, Education or Social Care professional, e.g., Health Visitor, District Nurse, School Nurse, Community Mental Health Nurse, Social Services, staff working in education and Care Staff.

To make a referral

Complete the on-line referral form on this page. Include as much information about the person as possible including how they fulfil the access criteria (above). Please note Paediatric referrals from dentists should be completed at (EMRS)

What happens next?

The referral will be triaged by a dental professional to ensure they meet the access criteria. The referrer will receive an acknowledgement of the referral.

If the person (patient) meets criteria

They will receive a letter asking them to ring Locala Dental Care within three weeks of the date on the letter so that they can be added to a waiting list. Please note, if the person does not ring within three weeks the referrer will be informed and the person will need to be re-referred.

If the person (patient) doesn’t meet the criteria

The referrer will receive a letter and it is the referrer’s responsibility to inform the person of the outcome.

Information on finding an NHS dentist will be included with the letter, and is available at   

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide treatment to adults and children who can be seen in a general dental practice.