Remembering our community hero Denzil Nurse

We are sad to hear about the passing recently of community hero Denzil Nurse.

Denzil devoted his life to charity work in supporting, educating, and helping to improve the health and wellbeing of Huddersfield black and Asian community, and was chair of the Honeyzz Diabetes Support Group that works closely with Locala teams.

Honeyzz Diabetes was closer to Denzil's heart as a diabetic himself he could relate to living with the long-term condition. Honeyzz, established in 2002, provides a platform within which the Black and Asian diabetes community can receive an awareness and understanding of their condition, the life-limiting complications that can arise and structured ‘education’ on how to manage and cope, and to be empowered to take control of their health.

Honeyzz Diabetes Support Group

If you have worked with Denzel and would like to offer your condolences or would like to continue to support the work of the Honeyzz Diabetes Support Group or need advice you can contact Carl Ambrose: [email protected] or call 07548301242.

Denzil Nurse was thought of by many as a true community hero.