How we work with others

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Your Health

In order to provide you with a package of care that suits your needs, we can, with your consent work with or refer to other agencies. For example, we may refer you to children's centres, child and adolescent mental health services, adult mental health services, hospital specialities or other parts of the health service as required to ensure you get the care you need when you need it.

Procurement Partners - Suppliers of Products and Services to Locala

The delivery of quality health care relies on developing successful partnerships with other organisations to provide goods and services at the best possible value for money. This can be anything from the supply of pens and paper, to syringes and dressings, to waste disposal or laboratory testing.

It is more efficient for us to purchase most of our everyday items such as consumable office and clinical products through NHS Supply Chain. If you are a supplier wanting to offer these types of products, you should contact NHS Supply Chain in the first instance to try and negotiate a listing in their catalogue.

The suppliers of more specialist goods and services are sourced through our Procurement Team. We contract Leeds Partnership NHS Foundation Trust's Procurement and Supplies Team to provide us with this service, and therefore if you want some information on how you might become a procurement partner you should contact them directly. We're always looking for new suppliers who can provide us with better value for money - we're keen to work with smaller, local organisations as well as larger regional, national or international suppliers.

We are also a member of the CPC - an organisation that brings together NHS Providers to collaborate on procurement projects with the aim of gaining cost benefits through collective volume or value.

We have many successful existing procurement partnerships and are keen to develop more.