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What is the purpose of Members’ Council?

As a Community Interest Company, Locala is accountable to its members and the local community and is committed to enabling colleagues and the community to have a say in how we shape the health and social care services we provide. We have demonstrated this commitment by creating a Members' Council. The Members' Council was established to represent the voice of Locala's members, as they work closely with the board to shape future plans. Membership is about bringing ideas and views to the Council, to ensure Locala truly is a community partnership.

Our Members' Council is made up of:

  • 10 elected Colleague members
  • 6 elected Community members
  • 4 appointed Co-opted members (2 Local Authority Councillors, a GP and a GP Practice Manager)

What does the Members' Council do?

Members' Council have achieved a huge amount over the last five years, here's just a few examples:

  • Interviewed and appointed the Chair and Non-Executive Directors.
  • Played a leading role in developing the Volunteer Strategy and securing support for a Volunteer Services Manager role. As a result, there are now 105 active volunteers filling 244 volunteering hours per week
  • Have been involved in ‘Values Based Recruitment’ interview panels for the Director of Workforce and Director of Operations roles. 
  • Influenced the organisational values Locala has today.
  • Have the final say as to which local voluntary organisations are funded by the Locala Community Fund.
  • Have developed actions to address issues that have arisen in quarterly colleague surveys.
  • Made recommendations that have shaped the Quality Priorities that we have today.
  • Have been involved in the organisation of the Annual Members Meeting.

Who can be part of the Members' Council?

Any member of Locala can run for election to our Members' Council. Elections take place each summer and the next round of elections will take place in August 2017. For more information about the election process and how you can vote for your future Members' Council, see our 'Elections' page.

Meet your Members' Council

Your Chairman...

Diane McKerracher

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Your Colleague representatives....

Corporate Enablers





Debbie Jackson

Organisational Development Facilitator

Katie Pickles

Quality Manager

Integrated Children's

Jill Adams

Operational Manager

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Claire Gray-Sharpe

Health Advisor Pupil Referral Service

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Lindsey Bedford

School Nurse


Integrated Adults

Carrie Beaumont

Occupational Therapist


Tracy Conroy

Tissue Viability Nurse Specialist

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Sarah Ingham

Staff Nurse



Paul Rhys-Vivian

Clinical Lead

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Michelle Stanley

Unit Administrator

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Your Community Member representatives...

Nasim Banu-Esmail

Claire Costello


Sue Davison



David Gill

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Esta Vincent

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Your Co-opted Member representatives...

Dr Bert Jindal
Clare Townend
Cllr Gulfam Asif
Cllr Gwen Lowe

Contact Us

If you have a compliment, concern or idea that you would like to share with any of our Council Members, please contact our Membership team, who can put you in touch with the appropriate Council Member. You can contact them by email: membership@locala.org.uk, or phone: 030 3330 9802.