Complaints and Concerns Information

If you have a question or concern about the care we are or have provided, we would like the opportunity to help resolve that for you as quickly as possible.

We can help with general questions, advice and concerns and in straight forward cases we aim to provide an answer within 48 hours.

In other cases the Customer Liaison Team will arrange an investigation into the issues you have brought to our attention. We will write to you within three days to acknowledge your concern/complaint and to provide you with a timescale for our response.

We will agree with you, how you wish to resolve your concerns – for example do you want to speak to the manager of the service to understand the care being provided, do you want details in writing from the Customer Liaison Team or do you want a formal written response from the Chief Executive?

In all cases our policy is that you inform the Customer Liaison Team of your concern/complaint and they will help to find a solution or co-ordinate an investigation into your issues. They will be your point of contact during this time.