Continence Advisory Service

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Locala Continence Advisory Service is made up of a team of specialist nurses and a physiotherapist who have skills in both assessment and treatment of bladder, bowel and pelvic floor problems.

Thousands of men, women and children in the UK have trouble with their bladder and bowels. Continence problems can be difficult to talk about and people often put up with symptoms such as leaks or urgency for years. They adapt their lives as they try to cope and often don't seek help because they feel embarrassed.

Our service is open access which means you can refer yourself directly by telephone leaving some details with our reception staff. We also take referrals from GPs, practice nurses, consultants and any health professional.


On your first visit you will be given a comprehensive assessment and a personalised treatment plan.


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Service Correspondence Address

Mill Hill Health Centre

General enquiries & Clinic Referral Line - 030 3003 4347

Referral line for the housebound - 01484 221600



Advice Leaflets

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Useful Resource for Health Care Professionals

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Gentleman_s_guide_to_PFE_prior_to_prostate_surgery.pdf Gentleman_s_guide_to_PFE_prior_to_prostate_surgery.pdf  247 KB 20-05-15 12:50
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If you are a Health Care Professional and wish to make a referral to us, please use our referral template to ensure your patient is triaged effectively. Click here for the form.

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Useful Links - The European Association of Urology site is an excellent resource for good quality patient information. - Bladder and Bowel Foundation website. - Education and Resources for Improving Childhood Continence. - PromoCon provides a national service, working as part of Disabled Living, Manchester to improve the life for all people with bladder or bowel problems by offering product information, advice and practical solutions to both professionals and the general public. - Enso: The company have designed continence garments that look like every day stylish underwear, have a long life, are excellent value and incorporate a host of unique and innovative features. - Independent advice using research evidence about good quality products to manage incontinence.

ConfiTEX - Incontinence products help manage light and moderate leaks with style. The waterproof underwear is padless and washable - it looks and feels like normal underwear.

Useful Resources for Patients

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A_patient_Guide_How_to_manage_and_prevent_constipation.pdf A_patient_Guide_How_to_manage_and_prevent_constipation.pdf  172 KB 19-03-15 08:40
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Gentleman_s_guide_to_PFE_prior_to_prostate_surgery.pdf Gentleman_s_guide_to_PFE_prior_to_prostate_surgery.pdf  247 KB 20-05-15 12:51
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