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The primary roll of the Falls Practitioner is to provide appropriate assessment of people who have fallen and who are at risk of falls, this is either in the Falls Clinic setting at Huddersfield Royal Infirmary, a persons own home or care setting. The Falls Practitioner works in collaboration with many of the community teams promoting safety.

A fall can be described as a sudden unintential change in position causing the individual to land on a lower level - Tinetti 1997

The consequences of a fall can be devastating and life changing, this may include physical, social and psychological factors. We must remember that falls need not always be an inevitable outcome we age but can be prevented.

Every eight hours an older person is fatally injured as a direct result of a fall.

One third of the population over the age of sixty will fall once a year.

The Intermediate Care Team provide the Falls service to Kirklees South. Kirklees North support is provided by the Jubilee Rehab team.


Theresa Varga - Falls Practitioner - Physiotherapist
07773 109167

Claire Rasakumaran - Falls Practitioner - Nurse
07815 711564

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Locala Jubilee Rehab Team - Provide Falls service in Kirklees North.