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Electric breast pump loan service

Locala is pleased to offer an electric breast pump on short term free loan to our clients.

Other agencies also offer a hire facility. These include ‘NCT’ who can be contacted on www.nct.org.uk

Locala currently has an arrangement with ARDO medical who offer a discounted price for Locala clients.

Process for hiring a breast pump and purchasing a replacement collection set

To hire a breast pump, please contact the health visiting administration team on the following numbers

North Kirklees – 030 3330 9820

South Kirklees - 030 3330 9974

They will be able to advise you on availability of a breast pump and location of where collection can be made. This would normally be Batley Health Centre in North Kirklees and Mill Hill Health Centre in South Kirklees.

A Locala electric breast pump will be loaned complete with a collection set for your immediate use. The loan of the pump is free for a four week period before the pump will need to be returned to the health centre. It is really important that you replace the collection set so Locala is able to continue to offer this additional service. Please replace the set by contacting ARDO Medical directly using their website address: www.ardobreastpumps.co.uk or by telephoning 01823 336362.

Cost: 1 X single pumpset – web price £14.50 – with discount of £4.55 = £9.95

          1 X double pumpset – web price £22.50 – with discount of £4.55 = £17.95

If two collection sets are required and issued by Locala then two collection sets must be replaced by you. The code to receive the Locala discount is RGSETS. This should be inputted on the right hand side of the order form under the column entitled Confirm Order.

There is a small delivery charge of £3.95 which is standard.

ARDO Medical also offers a special discounted price for a Calypso breast pump should you wish to purchase one. It is also possible to convert the bottle from a collection set into a hand pump using the Kombikit which may also be purchased from ARDO Medical for £7.70 instead of £9.95.