Children's Speech and Language - Feeding - NORTH ONLY

We are now taking referrals for Locala services. We are working hard to ensure the majority of our services will start to get back to normal from September, but some will take a little longer due to restrictions in response to COVID.  Once your referral has been received, it will be reviewed and a decision made about your possible treatment or care. You will then be contacted by the appropriate team with the relevant information.  At the moment this is taking longer than usual. We understand this has been difficult time for everyone and are grateful for your patience.

For Childrens Services in Huddersfield please contact the children’s therapy department on 01484 344299

Locala Children’s Speech and language Therapy Feeding/Swallowing Team provide a service for babies and children in the community who require an assessment and management of their eating and drinking skills and/or swallowing difficulties and where the child is deemed to be at risk and is presenting with:

  • Unsafe swallow - At risk of aspiration/concerns regarding aspiration.

  • Risk signs/red flags noted when feeding such as 

    • repeated chest infections (non-viral)
    • frequent coughing/choking when feeding/drinking
    • choking on food or Liquids
    • cyanosis/ colour changes when feeding
    • respiratory changes during feeding, changes in breathing or voice during feeding
    • signs of distress when feeding/drinking
    • signs of aversion (in babies/ children under 18 months ) when feeding in conjunction with other red flag signs

  • May have complex feeding difficulties which may be in association with Developmental Delay/ neurodevelopmental /degenerative presentation 
  • The above may be in conjunction with Faltering Growth
  • Significant oral motor feeding difficulties including baby/child cannot suck/swallow/bite/chew at level expected for age/developmental level.
  • Significant oral-motor feeding difficulties giving rise to difficulties with texture transition beyond level expected for age/ developmental level despite appropriate and significant professional support and implementation of targeted approach/support.
  • Significant difficulties with transitioning to cup drinking beyond level expected for age/ developmental level despite significant professional support and implementation of targeted approach/support. 

Children's SLT - Feeding Referral

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