Continence Advisory Service
Continence Advisory Service

You said, we did

You saidWe did

You said that when checking in at reception it was embarrassing to say you had an appointment with 'The Continence Service'.

We did review this and have now changed the name of the clinics run by our service at Fartown and Eddercliffe to 'The Pelvic Health Clinic'.
You said we are unsure what happens during an individual bladder or bowel health assessment.

We did create a guide to 'what happens during my clinic appointment' and made this available within our appointment letters and on our website.

You said that the logo we use for our service was not helpful as it featured figures with their legs crossed giving the impression that incontinence wasn't a serious issue.

We did redesign our logo which now has a blue and pink figure with their legs uncrossed.

You say we don't feel completing bladder and bowel diaries is very dementia friendly.

We did change our patient appointment letter to provide a more dementia friendly guide for completing a bladder/ bowel diary.

Also you say we don't fully understand the role of the continence service and unsure what we can expect from the service.

We did create a frequently asked questions guide and made this available on our website and in our clinics.

You said our referral criteria was not readily available.

We did make our referral criteria available on our webpage.

I am unsure about what happens once I have been referred to the Continence Advisory Service.

We now provide a written guide to all patients referred to one of our Pelvic Health Clinics.

Could you reduce the time taken to deliver my first NHS prescription when I am either new to the service or if there has been a change in my condition?  

We have implemented a prescription self-activation process which now allows our patients to order their first product delivery directly with our supplier.