Integrated Community Care Teams

Our Integrated Teams provide a 24-hour service, 7:30am-10pm (Integrated Community Care Teams) and 10pm-7:30am (Integrated Night Service), 365 days a year, caring for and supporting patients in their own homes.

Locala provides care across Kirklees with Integrated Community Care Teams, made up of community nurses, matrons and therapists.

The team members work closely together to improve or maintain the health of mostly housebound people and encourage them to become more independent.  The teams also work with other health and social care providers and third sector organisations in their area. Working together in this way means referrals between services are more efficient and timely and ensure that whenever possible, care is maintained at home.

Areas of care provided by the Integrated Community Care Teams include:

  • Co-coordinating and managing the care provided to patients with complex health needs
  • Providing support and advice to patients in relation to ongoing treatments or following surgery
  • Wound management including leg ulcers
  • Health promotion for individuals, carers and communities
  • Assessment for equipment

 Areas of care provided by the Community Matrons include:

  • Community Matrons are highly experienced, senior nurses who care for adults with severe long term illnesses or a complex range of conditions. Our objective is to help patients stay in the comfort of their own home.
  • We have community matrons in each of the five Integrated Community Care Team localities, to ensure the right care is provided for their patients. Often people with long term conditions find themselves admitted to hospital as emergency cases because their symptoms have suddenly deteriorated.
  • Community matrons can help prevent such emergencies happening by spotting difficulties as they arise and making sure patients have access to the correct medication and technology to deal with such situations; helping them stay in the comfort of their own home. 

We are supported by the very latest technology, helping us spend more time with patients and less time in the office. All of our community nurses and health care assistants use lightweight, yet sturdy laptops containing patient notes. Notes can be updated whilst we are with the patient which means information is always up to date and can be accessed by out of hours colleagues.


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