Obstetric Trauma


The continence service has temporary closed its waiting lists for patients who:

  • Reside in a 24 hour residential care setting.
  • Are non-housebound and are presenting with symptoms of overactive bladder, urine stress/urge incontinence or faecal incontinence which is not associated with a pelvic organ prolapse. 

We do apologise and hope you appreciate the unprecedented challenge dealing with Covid-19 has put upon all healthcare provision.

Many continence conditions can improve by following self-care advice and support. We have therefore added some information to our website which include links to other sites and some very useful video clips. You and your patient can find them on the Continence web page at www.locala.org.uk.

Please note: Our waiting lists are now open for patients requiring the following support:

  • End of Life Continence Care (including residential home)
  • Management of Stricture Therapy
  • Teaching of Clean Intermittent Catheterisation
  • Obstetric Trauma Assessment 
  • Continence related Skin Damage Assessment
  • Housebound Patients with a bladder or bowel dysfunction
  • Post Prostatectomy
  • Pelvic organ prolapse with associated continence symptoms  

Obstetric Trauma

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