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District Nurse / Community Nurse

Referrers from acute settings should provide this information to best of their ability. Not doing so can slow the process down considerably.
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Patient details
If contact details are incorrectly input where mandatory the referral cannot be processed
Patient has consented to information sharing?*
Overseas visitor?
Patient issued with any equipment e.g. mobility equipment, oxygen*
Referrer details
If contact details are incorrectly input where mandatory the referral cannot be processed
For Urgency 1: 1-4 hours, please call SPoC directly on 0300 304 5555.
Request details - bloods
If yes, which blood test(s)?
INR delivered by anticoagulant service
Request details - wound care
Request details - catheter care
Request details - enemas
Request details - ear syringing
Request details - injections
Legal authorisation is required to administer medication. A valid direction to administer is a prescription, that clearly identifies the patient and prescriber, and details the date of issue, the medicine name, strength, form, route/method of administration and dosing regimen (dose, time/frequency of administration, and duration of treatment if applicable) signed by the prescriber. Alternatively, an entry visible to Locala in SystmOne that confirms such a prescription has been issued, a medication chart or hospital letter containing sufficient detail and authorised by an appropriate prescriber may meet the requirements. If in doubt, please contact our clinicians via 0300 304 5555 for advice.
If answered NO to the above question, please ignore the below questions.
It is assumed administration can continue up to review date, unless otherwise advised:
Request details - Community Nursing assessment
If you do not receive an email acknowledgement your referral has not been submitted. Please check that all details are correct, mandatory fields completed and re-submit.