Dietetic Outpatient

We are now taking referrals for Locala services. We are working hard to ensure the majority of our services will start to get back to normal from September, but some will take a little longer due to restrictions in response to COVID.  Once your referral has been received, it will be reviewed and a decision made about your possible treatment or care. You will then be contacted by the appropriate team with the relevant information.  At the moment this is taking longer than usual. We understand this has been difficult time for everyone and are grateful for your patience.

Dietetic Outpatient

Before you begin:
Is the patient housebound?*

If yes, your referral will be rejected.


• Patients who do not have a Huddersfield GP
• Referrals in which the patient is housebound.
• Newly diagnosed diabetes or patient who need education to improve glycaemic control – Refer to DESMOND (e-referrals)
• Home Enteral Nutrition – signpost to: Huddersfield Community Rehab dietitians. If GP is Calderdale signpost to Calderdale Gate way to care (Lisa Green – certain Fixby addresses as serviced by her if under Ryddings Hall GP)
• Adult learning disabilities - signpost SWYPT - A referral form can be requested from LD Services Folly Hall on 01484 456997. This can be posted back to:
Learning Disability team; Folly Hall Mills, 3rd Floor, Small Mill, St Thomas Road, Huddersfield, HD1 3LT or emailed to: [email protected] If you are emailing please let admin know on 01484 456997 that a referral has been made and to expect a referral.
• Eating disorders – signpost back to GP as GP needs to refer into single point of access (SWYPT)
• Obesity (BMI 30 and above)–advise to refer back to GP – GP contract is with Weight Watchers
• Head and neck cancers – signpost to: CHFT Head and Neck cancer team – Sarah Topen, dietitian - Corridor 4; Huddersfield Royal Infirmary; HD3 3EA; Telephone: 01484 347072 – only if dietetic problems are directly related to H&N cancer (e.g. such as post treatment long term side effects).
• Upper GI (stomach/ pancreatic/liver cancers) - signpost to Lindsay Snell – CHFT upper GI oncology dietitian (upper GI office, corridor 3; HRI– 01484 355064)
• Renal disease
• Care home residents with Dementia/ Psychosis with deteriorating mental health status or signs of deteriorating mental health or experiencing a mental health condition which shows signs of escalating risk - signpost referral to Care Home Liaison Team (South West Yorkshire Partnership trust) – tel: 01924 284553 or direct to Helen Morgan- dietitian : Mobile: 07795 092675
• Nutritional support with a MUST score=0 -1– redirect back to care home and advise them to implement Low risk MUST care plan i.e. repeat MUST screening monthly

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If contact details are incorrectly input where mandatory the referral cannot be processed
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