Children's Continence SOUTH ONLY

Children's Continence

Referral criteria
Refer for continence products if child is 4 years of age.

Refer child if they have COMBINED faecal soiling/constipation AND day/night enuresis.

If child has ONLY day/night wetting refer to Community Paediatrics at Huddersfield Royal 01484 342000
Child's details
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Continence Details
Main continence problem:
Has the child ever been dry? (DAY)
Has the child ever been dry? (NIGHT)
Has the child ever been clean? (DAY) (Not Soiling)
Has the child ever been clean? (NIGHT) (Not Soiling)
Has toilet training been tried/in progress?
Does the child wet the bed?
Do they have recurrent urine infections?
Any previous investigations on bladder or bowel?
Diet (A typical day)
Does the child experience any pain on bowel movement?
Does the child ask to go to the toilet for a wee or poo?
Toilet fears
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