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Specialist Services

Our specialist doctors and nurses help the most vulnerable and chaotic drug users and alcohol dependent adults. Support around behaviour change and coping with lifestyle issues is provided by key workers working for CGL a charity commissioned by the NHS to work in partnership with Locala. Services also include a Community Detox provision where individuals can be supported and closely monitored within their own homes to undergo assisted withdrawal from substances.

A & E Alcohol Liaison Team

The Alcohol Liaison team offer screening, support and advice to individuals with alcohol related problems within the A&E and ward settings.

Shared Care Scheme

The Share Care Scheme with GPs provides an ideal setting for patients who are stable, in treatment and who do not have complex drug or alcohol related problems. Attached to each practice is a Shared Care Substance Misuse Nurse who runs joint clinics with the GP offering a methadone prescribing service as well as support around behaviour change and coping with lifestyle issues.