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Thank you for agreeing to take part in this pilot project. We know we can use technology to provide a far more efficient patient friendly continence service for people in Kirklees. We’re very excited about the opportunity we’ve been given and appreciate you taking the time to consider being involved.

By participating this pilot you are helping us to test and develop a service which will bring a huge amount of benefits to our patients:

  1. Completing an online questionnaire (symptom profile) in the privacy of your own home. This profile will be reviewed by a specialist continence clinician which means we’ll have a good understanding of your condition before we speak. Just to re-assure you any information you provide is kept securely in HealthVault.

  2. Having an online consultation with a specialist clinician. This would be at an agreed time and may be a telephone or video call - even at this early stage we may be able to give advice to help improve your symptoms.
  3. The convenience of being able to complete the diaries we require to monitor your progress on your PC, SmartPhone or tablet device
  4. Being able to arrange a one to one appointment in clinic with the specialist nurse or physiotherapist who you’ve spoken to online.
  5. Fast access to our service avoiding the usual waiting times and travel to clinic appointment.

You are taking the first steps in a journey which will make a dramatic difference to the way in which you manage your condition.  The first step is to complete your Symptom Profile. Click Here now to start.