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Our role is to advise and support you and your carers, provide health related information and education, and nursing care as appropriate in a rehabilitation arena.

Our role is to aid you to regain strength, stamina, improve mobility and independence with daily tasks by means of an exercise programme. This may be supervised or carried out independently.

Occupational Therapists
Our role is to increase independence in everyday tasks. This may be in a variety of ways, such as helping you to regain everyday skills, providing equipment, supporting you with work skills and helping you cope with memory or anxiety problems.

Speech and Language Therapists
Our role is to diagnose and give advice on communication problems and/or swallowing.

Our role is to assess and advice you about your dietary needs in relation to your rehabilitation programme.

Rehabilitation Assistants and Assistant Practitioners
Our role is to assist and support your programme of treatment as directed by the qualified therapy staff. All our rehab assistants have received competency based training for the treatments they undertake with you.

Falls Practitioners
Our role is to assess the reasons why you may be falling and make recommendations about how you can minimise your risk of further falls.

Professional staff are all fully qualified and registered with the relevant regulatory body.

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