The best thing to do if your being bullied is to tell someone. This can be a teacher, friend, parent or anyone you feel comfortable talking to. Often a parent or teacher will help you solve the problem or make you feel better by simply sharing your worries. Don’t be afraid to tell someone even if you have been told not to, because if you don’t the situation could get a lot worse. If you ensure that you tell the person about the threat they are likely to act carefully. If nothing is done straight away try to politely remind them of the problem and keep them up to date. It is often best to stay with friends and people you trust as bully’s are less likely to attack if you are not alone. However if a bully did come up to you, you will still have your friends there for support. Remember that a bully only says things to upset you so whatever it is they are saying it’s not true and shouldn’t be taken to heart. When faced with a bully it is best to ignore them because if they think they aren’t getting to you they may stop. Sometimes it is good to let them know you won’t be pushed around. Always try not to lower yourself to their standards and remember that you are better than them. If the bullying is physical or you don’t have friends you think you can trust, try to stay near a teacher or dinner staff. Keep talking to people because it will help you get things off your chest and allow you to get some comfort. Bullying can make you feel completely alone and scared but don’t shut others out even if it seems hard to talk to them. Don’t change yourself because of a bully because they’re not worth it. One of the best ways to solve cyber bullying is to report and block them, never give personal information to someone online you don’t know so they have nothing on you. If you already have then tell an adult so they can help you even if its embarrassing or you think you will be in trouble because it’s the right thing for everyone. If it’s your friend or someone you know that’s being bullied reach out to them, encourage them to talk to someone, be supportive and stick with them.

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