Bullying #2

Do you think it is 'cool' to bully someone? Do you think it is acceptable to bully someone? What impacts does bullying have on somebody else?

Think! Would you like to be treated in the way you are treating somebody? If your answer is yes that's great, but if your answer is no it might be time to change the way you treat others.

Manners cost nothing; friendliness costs nothing. In fact, treating others in a respectful way is actually rewarding. A smile and a wave are the most valuable things a person can have. 

Treat people with respect and don't demoralise anyone. What may seem like playful banter could actually be very hurtful. 

Remember! Acting kindly towards others helps improve your life chances and allows you to be seen as a respectable person by others.

There's nothing to lose- treat others kindly and you'll reap the rewards. If you treat people poorly and bully them nothing good will happen as a result of this- you will just diminish someone's quality of life and possible your own quality of life too. 

Say NO to bullying!