Body Image

In this day and age body image and how you look is a massive thing. Due to social media partying the modern day man larger, more muscular, tattooed and bearded compared to ten years ago. This is due to being in shape being classed as trendy, males are under more and more pressure to get in shape.

However, unlike fashion, being in shape cannot be bought on the local high street, it takes time and dedication. If done correctly this fitness journey can be very healthy as it helps you to transition the time and effort you put into yourself also into your career, education, family and friends. Due to the nature of the journey and the period of time it takes, some young people can turn to performance enhancing drugs, exposing them to potentially dangerous side effects.

When it comes to looking after your body making small changes, like cutting out one specific unhealthy food you have, can make a big change. For example, reducing your fizzy drink intake by 50% will reduce the amount of sugar you have on a daily/weekly basis. Causing you to stabilize your weight and reduce build-up of fat in your arteries.

Everyone’s body is different as genetics decide what your “ordinary” body will look like. You have no control over this, you could stuff your face and be slim or eat one chocolate biscuit and pack on the pounds. So never compare yourself to anyone as we all have different strengths weakness and start point, you cannot compare your chapter one to someone’s chapter twenty, so be realistic.

My best bit of advice

·         Set targets! A short, medium and long term goal for you to strive towards.

·         It’s the little things that make a difference so don’t be disheartened if you can only fit a little bit of exercise in one day.

·         PRIORITIES! Don’t let it take over. Your work and education should come first, but set yourself a structured time of two to four times a week to be able to exercise in.

·         Think of the bigger picture. Remember why you started, if you miss a week don’t stop, make sure you start again the next day or the next week.

·         Research! Look into what results you are really after and how you are going to be able to get them. If this means looking on YouTube or downloading an app then do so.


Connor Shuttleworth

Age 20

Personal Trainer @ Kirklees active Leisure.