Body Image #2

Pressure to get that prefect six pack or beach body, or perfect figure, what is perfect?

Even if you train hard, eat perfect and cut your body fat down, you aren't always able to see everyone's six pack, and they aren't necessarily going to be symmetrical either.

Perfect body? Unless you are wanting to be a body builder or a world champion in sport you don't need to give up everything to strive to be the word perfect. Some people like curves, some people don't, as long as you look after your body and keep a healthy range of muscle and fat and keep fit, perfection in everyone's eyes is different it's good to want to look good, but just remember we are all perfect in some people’s eyes but never everybody's.

Trend? What is being trendy? Having the latest fashion doesn't mean the way you train is the best for you or to achieve goals or your technique is going to suddenly be amazing, as long as you are comfortable in your gear (I like to colour coordinate mine!) and it's appropriate that's the main thing.

If you do like to look the part, it doesn't have to be expensive many super markets are now doing sports gear and at very good prices. You can look great on a small budget.

Ever heard you are what you eat? This is true but can be on the inside or out, you could carry excess body fat externally or internally.

If it’s external you will be able to see this in places situated on the body, if it’s internal you are at higher risk of health conditions if this continues over years.

So when people think that some people can eat whatever they like and still be ‘skinny’ they may not be ‘skinny’ on the inside!

We are now living in a world where people think you have to look a certain way to get where you want, who you want and to be liked.

We all have things we don’t like about ourselves, but why not embrace the good aspects and if we can help work on the aspects we don’t like through diet and exercise which is good for the inside and out, then if you really want it, you can achieve it.

Preparation is the key, bulk cook then when possible freeze or refrigerate to cut out time in the kitchen, if you prepare your food you know what goes in it and you can eat a healthy balanced diet and get an adequate nutritional balance, plus have all your meals ready.

This will then also free you up to have more free time, family time, time to exercise or basically do as you wish.

Then there’s trying to balance exercise, just to lead a balanced lifestyle adults(we) at minimum should be exercising five times a week for thirty minutes of cardiovascular exercise. This is getting the heart rate up and getting a little warmer and two resistance sessions a week.

This could be as simple as doing house work at a good pace, walking to the shops or other places rather than driving, take the stairs rather than the lift. Otherwise there are many fitness sessions, classes, gyms etc. you can attend pay as you go or to make it worthwhile attending regularly you can join as a member.

There are also offers on MoveGB, offer sites, or at fitness centre’s to let you have a try without having to commit until you find something you can fit in to your lifestyle comfortably. Don’t feel you have to slog away for hours either, even thirty minutes can give you a good workout, but don’t forget to earn that shower. Always make sure you take advice off qualified fitness professionals to ensure you are performing exercises correctly.

Basic nutritional  advice is on offer through the ‘Eatwell plate’ this will then help you maintain a balanced diet, along with portion control and limiting ‘treats’, whilst having a treat as a treat and not part of your daily diet as many people do now!

Goals aren't achieved overnight and sometimes with the stress and strains we can all go in a direction we don’t want to or don’t like but it’s what we do it about it which counts. There is no better achievement, than the feeling of success knowing that you have achieved something.

At the end of the day as long as you are happy with yourself or do something about it if not then that’s all that matters.

Many pictures you see have been edited, photo shopped, caked in makeup and aren't realistic, so don’t feel you have to be like this when in fact who is? If we were all the same this world would be a boring place, and if we were all perfect we would never have anything to AIM towards.

Be happy with who you are, or take the right steps to do so, but don't feel you have to be a fake person on a magazine.


By Chanelle Luxford

Personal training

Class instructor

Gym instructor @KAL