START (Short Term Assessment Response Team) is a dedicated rapid response team of Nurses, Therapists, Advanced Practitioners, Health Care Assistant and Admin who work with patients to prevent unnecessary admission to hospital, and when patients are ready to return home from a short stay (5 days) in hospital. The team work closely with Social Services (Hospital Avoidance Team) who provide care if required. START will follow up at home, if required to provide short term therapy and support to reduce the risk of re-admission carrying out a holistic assessment of nursing and therapy needs.

We work in the community and in our local Hospitals. We assess patients who have been admitted and establish if it's possible, with the correct support in place, for them to be sent home rather than be admitted to hospital. We also meet daily with the acute care of the elderly unit at Dewsbury Hospital and frailty within the hospitals to support the discharge of patient’s home or to another care setting.

At Huddersfield Royal Infirmary we work with the Frailty Team to support discharge and follow up patients in the community to reduce the risk of readmission and provide support to A&E to identify patients that can be maintained at home safely.

What We Do

We carry out a full holistic assessment to determine what support is required and then make all the necessary referrals to put that support in place. It could be extra nursing care, physio, help with medication, equipment or support from charities such as Age UK.

We work alongside other Locala teams as well as the Local Authority Rapid Response carers and other agencies, to ensure the right care is provided. We provide support for our patients to ensure all the relevant referrals have been completed for continuation of care. Homecare can be provided for up to 2 weeks by the Local Authority. Patients remain on our caseload for up to four weeks should any further support be required.


We accept referrals from GP practices, Yorkshire Ambulance Service, Urgent Community Response and surrounding hospitals for assessments on the same day or the day after.

If you would like to make a referral to the START team, please call Locala’s Single Point of Contact on 0300 304 5555.

Referrals will need to meet our criteria, where patients need to have had an acute episode of illness or carer breakdown due to illness or admission to hospital. Patients must be deemed by a health professional as medically stable to remain at home. Medical responsibility remains with the referrer.

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