Family Nurse Partnership

Family Nurse Partnership (FNP) is a specialist service for young parents (up to age 19 or under) who are expecting their first baby.

Our specially trained family nurses work alongside young parents on issues that are important to them.  Family nurses get in touch early in the pregnancy and work with mum’s and dad’s, up until the child's second birthday. 

Your family nurse will provide you with information and guide you in the following areas:

  • Having a healthy pregnancy
  • Planning for your labour and baby’s birth
  • Improving your child’s health and development
  • Building positive relationships with your baby and others
  • Lifestyle choices that give you and your child the best possible start in life
  • Identifying and achieving your goals such as finding a job or returning to education

What’s involved?

You will have regular visits at home or in community from your family nurse starting early in your pregnancy, where you will decide together what topics to talk about.

How often your family nurse visits you will be a joint decision between you and your family nurse.

The Family Nurse Partnership programme will continue until your child’s 1st birthday, with the possibility of continuing until your child is 2 years old.

We know dads are important to babies, so we welcome dads or partners to join in the visits if you choose.

We will not judge you and we will not tell you what to do. We will support you to make the decisions that are right for you. We are not there to replace your midwife.

What to expect

If you get a family nurse, you can expect to have that same nurse for the duration of the time you are committed to the FNP.  We try our very hardest to commit to the programme with you. This is really important to us.

You can expect your nurse to be on time, to maintain contact with you, to help you meet your goals. We aim to help you to be the very best mum you can be.

What Our Patients Say

Patients are regularly asked about their experience. Locala respects the privacy of our patients and their carers and is committed to listening to a diverse population. Therefore our surveys are anonymous and include equality and diversity questions for monitoring purposes only.

These are comments that our families say about having a family nurse

“I feel I really understand what my baby wants from me.”

“The best thing I like is not being judged as a person or mother.”

“You make me feel like the best mum in the world”

“You make me feel normal”

“It’s like talking to a counsellor – it's like therapy”

“So glad you taught me some baby first aid skills, I knew what to do when my baby was choking on some orange and the adults around me were panicking”

“I know you were only looking out for me and keeping me safe”

“You are the only one who ever really listens to what we are saying and tries to help us”

A comment from a service we work closely with when exploring education and employment options available to you:

“Having the FNP to refer my clients to is invaluable. They have helped so many of my clients to become fantastic parents by fitting the programme round their specific needs which in turn has helped them to improve their self-confidence. They also have a wealth of knowledge that they are able to pass on to the teenage parents from breast feeding and immunisations to child development and post-natal health. This service is a unique and integral support to these young parents up until the child is 2 years old and enables confident and successful parenting”.

 (Caz Hemmingway, C&K Careers, 2019).

Meet the Team

We are a small but very experienced team of nurses.

Cheryl Beirne Supervisor - Adult and Paediatric Nurse, specialist community practitioner (school nursing), Advanced Masters in Safeguarding Children. 21 years’ experience.

Mary Osborn - Part time Quality Support Officer

Joan Atkinson - Trained Nurse with Honours Degree, Qualified Midwife, Full Time Family Nurse, and Health Visitor trained, 38 + years.  Specialist in Infant and Peri-natal mental health lead for Locala for 20 years.

Helen Fretwell - Back ground in nursing and school nursing. A degree in Public Health and another in Specialist Community Practitioner (School Nurse). Also Duel Qualified as Health Visitor. 29 years’ experience.

Fiona Armitage - Part time family nurse Adult and Paediatric Nurse, Specialist Community Practitioner (Health Visiting) and PGCE in Health Professional Education. 29 years of nursing experience.

Lynne Sweeney - Full time family nurse, Adult and Paediatric Nurse, specialist community practitioner (health visiting). 22 years’ experience.

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