Quality Priority:

To provide evidence that Locala has implremented Local Safety Standard for Invasive Procedures (LocSSIPs) and is using them to ensure our invasive procedures are safe.

Current Situation:

The National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures (NatSSIPs) were published in September 2015 to support NHS organisations in providing safer care and to reduce the number of patient safety incidents related to invasive procedures in which surgical Never Events can occur. The NatSSIPs cover all clinical areas in which invasive procedures are undertaken.  They bring together national and local learning from the analysis of Never Events, Serious Incidents and near misses through a set of recommendations that will help provide safer care for patients undergoing invasive procedures.

The principle behind the NatSSIPs is that organisations will review their current local processes for invasive procedures and ensure that they are compliant with the new national standards. This will be achieved by Locala working in collaboration with colleagues to develop their own set of ‘Local Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures’ (LocSSIPs).

Why is it a priority?

Any patient who receives Locala services does so with the right for that care to be provided safely and effectively and that they experience it as positively as possible under the circumstances.

How will we achieve it?

We will follow the guidance in the standards and ensure:

  • We have identified all of our services where invasive procedures (according to the definition in the standards) take place.
  • We will train team leaders on the requirements of the LocSSIPs, with a focus on safety culture within their teams.
  • We will support team leaders to raise awareness of Human Factors within their teams and to foster open, effectively challenging cultures.
  • We will involve the patients in their care whenever possible and in the development of the LocSSIPs.
  • We will involve clinicians in the service in the development of the LocSSIPs.
  • We will audit the use of the LocSSIPS though observational, clinical audit.