Quality Priority:

To enhance the quality of clinical record keeping across all services, improving the percentage that are completed in real time (at the time of the patient/client intervention).

Current Situation:

Electronic records, especially SystmOne, have been the main clinical record in Locala for quite some time.  However, not all services have a standard approach to record keeping, this has led to inefficiencies and risks in the use of the system, taking time away from care and causing delays in updating the patient record.

Why is it a priority?

Clinical records are an essential element in ensuring safe, clinically effective care that is tailored to the patient/client. Therefore, it is vital that the record is intuitive and easy for clinicians to complete.  It is also extremely important that in order to review and improve services, and to provide evidence that Locala is meeting contractual obligations, performance related data should be complete and easily retrievable.  It is recognised that patients/ clients want joined up care, telling their story only once rather than to every practitioner, to achieve this colleagues need to use the patient/client data available on the system and keep the system updated as soon as possible.

How will we achieve it?

In addition to the current support from SystmOne facilitators, the SystmOne developer and Operational Managers/ Team leaders who all support this agenda, two colleagues have recently been appointed to the SystmOne team to go out and work with clinicians to advise them on how to use the system in a smart and efficient manner, and to ensure that colleagues understand the benefits of access to patient/client information as part of their intervention.  Areas to be targeted in the first instance are Care Closer to Home services - where a core template has been agreed to ensure that different disciplines are supporting each other in the capture of information -building on the assessment of need rather than duplicating questions.  As the year progresses these colleagues will work with other services to ensure that they are using the system efficiently, asking for SystmOne developments if required, and that colleagues appreciate the need for real time data capture.