Quality Priority:

Increase the percentage of colleagues trained in Waterlow Risk Assessment

Current situation:

Pressure prevention has been high on the organisation’s agenda with a significant amount of quality improvement already recognised. The aim now is to move from a culture of treatment to one of prevention and Waterlow risk assessment is a core element of this preventative care delivery.  When undertaking Root Cause Analysis investigations it has been identified that colleagues have not received training on use of this assessment tool which results in variation in scoring and subsequent care planning.

Why is it a priority?

  • To continue to reduce avoidable patient harm through a more robust, consistent use of risk assessments.
  • Historically this has been a nursing role, however in line with our changing workforce profile such risk assessments can no longer be seen as only being done by nurses.
  • To reduce variation in assessments.
  • To improve preventative care.

How we will achieve it?

  • Variation will be minimised.
  • Waterlow assessments will be able to be conducted by nurses, health care assistants/ clinical care assistants and therapists meaning the patient gets the right intervention promptly.
  • Delivery of training sessions to clinical colleagues using technology.
  • Access to Waterlow app as a resource for clinical colleagues.
  • Presentation slides to be developed and made available via Locala's colleague Intranet to support training session delivery.